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The Doubters Glass Is Filled Up Thumbnail

The Doubters Glass Is Filled Up


Colorblast the beautiful 

I feel antsy and political


As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 arrives, I find myself reflecting upon the past and looking to the future, a bright, optimistic future. As I look back, I am taken to a simpler time; a special time of fewer responsibilities, unbridled joy and the communal power of music. I am taken to the mid-1990s and some of the best live music that I have ever experienced. That live experience was created by my fellow native Long Islanders - The Bogmen and it lives deep within my soul to this day, almost 30 years later. 

Always doubt the cynical

They want to ruin the world


As I sit and write this in anticipation of The Bogmen's 9/11 show tomorrow night at Webster Hall, I cannot help but reflect upon the insightful, life affirming lyrics and images that poured out of very young men. Those lyrics, combined with extraordinary showmanship and the intense raw energy of the band and it’s fans made for countless treasured times with my wife, our family and friends. From the early days at the Red Lion to the Mercury Lounge, the Academy and the many incredibly blurry visits to Irving Plaza. The band's rise to prominence took many of us along on a mesmerizing journey.  

The world has changed in many ways since the 1995 release of their debut album, Life Begins at 40 Million. The world is a more dangerous and cynical place and yet somehow the light of the time still shines brightly. Tomorrow night’s concert will honor Kristy Irvine Ryan and the many others who were ruthlessly taken from us and it will serve as a monument, a testament to the strength of character and courage of those who remember all that they brought to us as a collective. 

But I don’t care about negative 

It sells but doesn’t sacrifice


The news of the hour buys eyeballs and sells soulless airtime. The giving and quiet selfless actions of those no longer with us will be forever remembered for the genuine impact that they made upon humanity. The ability for each of us to get out of bed each morning with hope in our hearts is their gift to us, the tribe that will dance their collective asses off tomorrow night in NYC. Say hello to sunshine! 

Written by: Rob Armstrong

Songwriters: Bill Ryan / Brendan Joseph Ryan / Emmet C. Tucker / Mark A.P. Wike / Patrick O'Connor / William T. Campion 

The Doubter's Glass lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group 


A beautiful version from Irving Plaza 2001

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