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Lucy, The Patron Saint Of A Clear Path Forward Thumbnail

Lucy, The Patron Saint Of A Clear Path Forward


She marked our trail up the back bone ridge

How many times can one dog pee

Keeps me high as an eagle when I'm on the skids

I guess you gotta come down eventually

June 7th is here again and with each passing year it takes on vastly more significance in our home. This year, it comes to mark our beloved Lucy’s 7th birthday!   Lucy (Loo) is a 20 pound cockapoo that possesses the heart of a lion and the gentle kindness of a June sun shower. Lucy came to us off an Amish farm as a 10-year-old birthday gift to our daughter Megan and she has brought a light and love to our lives and has enhanced each day that she has shared with us. Unwittingly named Lucy, the patron saint of eyes, she has seen us through the darkest and most beautiful of times.

Buddy, I coulda gone that extra mile

For an extra bark or an extra smile

'Cause I never felt so free

It was just my dog and me

Lucy is also an equal opportunity love, just ring our doorbell and you will see precisely what I mean. She exudes life and with each visitor or each opening of the refrigerator door she unleashes a zestful enthusiasm like nothing we have ever witnessed. While she is nondiscriminatory in her affection, she does have an undeniable attachment to dad. She sleeps on my legs each night and I could not dream of it being any other way.

Now she's runnin' up ahead to chase some deer

Comes back to tell me that coast is clear

It's a different world I see

When it's just my dog and me

As we head into this wonderful time of year of longer and, hopefully, more carefree days, won’t you take a long walk in the woods with your dog and contemplate your path forward? Is your coast clear?  Have you revisited your plan recently? Some of you have, but many have not. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I hear that from prospects, “Rob, I know this is important, but I just don’t have the bandwidth or the time to myself, to address these important issues. As a result, my planning, time and again, becomes a back burner item.”  That is where we come in, our team of experienced professionals has helped many families contemplate, articulate and implement a plan that protects and provides for the future, whatever it may bring.   

Now it's over that ridge for one last mile

'Til we're fast asleep by the fire side

Dreamin' these dreams for free

Yeah, it's just my dog and me

On a night in the not to distant future, you too can dream by the fire with a quiet mind. You can dream about what you want to dream about without the nagging interruptions of the day-to-day risks and noise that accompany a busy life in 2022. I hope you will find that achievable peace that comes from planning ahead and allowing others to focus on your financial goals and objectives while you focus on you and those you love.  In the meantime, please help me wish Lucy her happiest birthday yet, 49 and holding in dog years!

Authored by: Rob Armstrong

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: John Hiatt 

My Dog and Me lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

My Dog and Me, Audio

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